St. Joseph School Blata L-Bajda



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Dear Parents/Guardian,

May we Thank you all for the support many of you showed by ordering the San Martin Bags last month. We hope you enjoyed the good fruit and nuts it contained.

Once again we ask for your support towards the PTA in aid to collect funds for our school purposes.  As in previous years, the PTA will be selling the Maltese honey rings as fund raising activity. Please allow us to encourage you to take part in this fund raising activity by ordering at least one honey ring per pupil. May we also suggest the purchase of extra once which may be given as a present to grandparents or other relatives. We are sure that your children would love to give them to their grandparents or relatives.

Following last year’s positive comments we decided to order them once again from Elia Borg Bonaci.  We will be selling the Honey rings for 3 Euros each.  The Honey Rings will be delivered to the students on Thursday 16th December, 2010.


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