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St Joseph Celebration – Year 2.2 Ms Marushca

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The feast of St Joseph is one of the highlights in the school calendar, St Joseph being the patron saint of our school.

This year the celebration was put up by the girls in Year 2.2 – Ms Marushca.  It was held in the school chapel.

The celebration was about all the beautiful qualities of St Joseph – a man who though entrusted with the task of bringing up the Son of God, always remained humble and obedient.  He always took great care of his wife Mary and the child Jesus and obeyed God’s word without ever questioning it.  At the end of the celebration, each child was given a holy picture of St Joseph with a prayer to this great saint who played an important part in the salvation of man.

Each child was also given a leaflet on which was enlisted the qualities of St Joseph and recipes associated with the feast of St. Joseph.

The leaflet was prepared by Ms. Marushca, the class teacher, and Ms. Maria, the LSA.


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