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San Martin Bags

As in previous years the P.T.A. has decided to sell San Martin bags as a fund raising activity and will be accepting orders for this popular and traditional event.  These bags will be packed with fresh and dried fruit, different kinds of nuts and of course, the “Hobza ta’ San Martin”.  The price for each bag is 6 Euro.

Kindly fill in the order form below and return it to school as soon as possible and not later than FRIDAY 28th October 2011, the bags will be distributed on Thursday 10th November 2011.

As anEcoSchool, kindly send the Empty Bags back to us to be used again.

Thanks for the support.

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Pasta Night

The PTA invites you to join in a Pasta night, which will take place in the school hall on Saturday 21st May, 2011. You may bring along anyone with, you such as relatives, grandparents and friends. We are working hard to make this evening an enjoyable one and therefore we rely on a good attendance from all of you.

As this will surely be a popular event and the space is rather limited, we suggest that you fill in the form and return it to the school by not later than Friday 13th May, 2011.

The menu will consist of a starter Anti Pasto both for Adults & children, 3 types of pasta as a main course, and a choice from a glass of soft drink or wine, and dessert for the adults.

The kids’ menu will consist of chicken nuggets, potato smiles, baked beans and also pasta upon request. A glass of soft drink or water, and dessert are also included.

The price is €12 for adults and €7.00 for children. Children under 4 years are free of charge

During the pasta evening, there will be live entertainment to make this evening a very enjoyable one.

The evening will start with Holy mass in the school chapel at 7 pm.

Carla Hill

Secretary, PTA

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An evening of Prayer

As in previous years we, at St Joseph School Blata are inviting you to an evening of  quiet prayer time around the eucharist table in deep personal prayer where we would have the time to ‘find out how good the Lord is’.

Date: Saturday 9th April
Venue: School Chapel
Time: 6pm-8pm

Animators will take care of children aged 4-10 years.


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Easter Figolla

The ever-growing popularity of the annual sale of the traditional Easter Figolla has urged the PTA to organise it once again, despite the hard work it involves.  The parent teacher committee will be accepting a limited number of orders for the “figolli”, proceeds of which would go towards the school upkeep.

We therefore urge you to place your orders as early as possible, and not later than Thursday 7th April to avoid disappointment.   We in turn, promise to deliver very fresh, delicious and beautifully decorated “figolli” on Thursday 14th April.

We thank you most heartily for your support.


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St Joseph Celebration – Year 2.2 Ms Marushca

The feast of St Joseph is one of the highlights in the school calendar, St Joseph being the patron saint of our school.

This year the celebration was put up by the girls in Year 2.2 – Ms Marushca.  It was held in the school chapel.

The celebration was about all the beautiful qualities of St Joseph – a man who though entrusted with the task of bringing up the Son of God, always remained humble and obedient.  He always took great care of his wife Mary and the child Jesus and obeyed God’s word without ever questioning it.  At the end of the celebration, each child was given a holy picture of St Joseph with a prayer to this great saint who played an important part in the salvation of man.

Each child was also given a leaflet on which was enlisted the qualities of St Joseph and recipes associated with the feast of St. Joseph.

The leaflet was prepared by Ms. Marushca, the class teacher, and Ms. Maria, the LSA.


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Moving Drop Activity

This activity was created to celebrate World Water Day which falls on 22nd March.  The launch was at Kullegg San Nikola, Rabat, where only three representatives from the school were invited.  The drop, which was designed by Joseph Barbara, moved to the schools nearest the aquaducts.  The drop visited our school and the children put in messages to create awareness for saving water.  When the drop finally arrived at Valletta, a celebration was held at St George’s Square.  For this activity both Year 5 classes were present and the President and Secretary of EkoSkola helped in the symbolic gesture of carrying the water to one of the fountains in St George’s Square.  Since not all the girls could go for all the activities, a group of girls gave presentations during a special assembly to inform and involve all the school about all the stages of the Moving Drop activity.