St. Joseph School Blata L-Bajda


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St Joseph Celebration – Year 2.2 Ms Marushca

The feast of St Joseph is one of the highlights in the school calendar, St Joseph being the patron saint of our school.

This year the celebration was put up by the girls in Year 2.2 – Ms Marushca.  It was held in the school chapel.

The celebration was about all the beautiful qualities of St Joseph – a man who though entrusted with the task of bringing up the Son of God, always remained humble and obedient.  He always took great care of his wife Mary and the child Jesus and obeyed God’s word without ever questioning it.  At the end of the celebration, each child was given a holy picture of St Joseph with a prayer to this great saint who played an important part in the salvation of man.

Each child was also given a leaflet on which was enlisted the qualities of St Joseph and recipes associated with the feast of St. Joseph.

The leaflet was prepared by Ms. Marushca, the class teacher, and Ms. Maria, the LSA.


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Moving Drop Activity

This activity was created to celebrate World Water Day which falls on 22nd March.  The launch was at Kullegg San Nikola, Rabat, where only three representatives from the school were invited.  The drop, which was designed by Joseph Barbara, moved to the schools nearest the aquaducts.  The drop visited our school and the children put in messages to create awareness for saving water.  When the drop finally arrived at Valletta, a celebration was held at St George’s Square.  For this activity both Year 5 classes were present and the President and Secretary of EkoSkola helped in the symbolic gesture of carrying the water to one of the fountains in St George’s Square.  Since not all the girls could go for all the activities, a group of girls gave presentations during a special assembly to inform and involve all the school about all the stages of the Moving Drop activity.

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Maritime Museum & Inquisitor’s Palace Cultural Tour

The Parent Teacher Association is organizing a Sunday afternoon cultural outing for all the parents, relatives and friends of the children attending St. Joseph School, Blata l-Bajda on Sunday 20th March, 2011.

THE PTA is organizing its cultural outing at the Maritime Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace, in Vittoriosa. We will meet at 1.15pm near the School in Blata il-Bajda. The bus is scheduled to depart at 1.30 p.m sharp. We should be back at around 6pm.   When we arrive at the Vittoriosa, the tour leader of the Heritage Malta will take us for a tour around the Maritime Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace.  Heritage Malta will also provide entertainment for the children, mainly fun and games at the Maritime Museum.

During the afternoon we shall also be given some refreshments which will include the following:-

  • Tea and coffee,
  • Water/squash,
  • 2 pastizzi (irkotta/pizelli),
  • 1 cheese and ham sandwich and
  • 1 slice of cake.


The price for this cultural outing including the entrance fee to both the Maritime Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace, refreshments together with transport fees is €10 Euro per adult.  Please note that all children accompanied by adults will come for free.


We look forward to see many of you, to enjoy this memorable outing.

Thanks for the support.



Carla Hill

Secretary PTA


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Carnival Floats

These carnival floats were created by Year 5 girls – Ns Natalie as a group work

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Stabilo Drawing Competition

Year 2  girl  Julia Gafa won the Stabilo Green Drawing Competition.